Meet Cheryl

It might seem peculiar, but a Barbara Walters interview changed my life.

It was an interview with Julia Roberts about her latest project—the rip-roaring heist movie Ocean’s Eleven. When asked to describe her experience on the movie set, Julia replied, “Convivial.”

CONVIVIAL (kuhn-viv-ee-uhl): Fond of feasting and the pleasures of good company; jovial; festive; folksy, genial, kindly, lively, communicative, expansive, high-spirited. 


Convivial. The word opened up a whole new world for me, and came to represent my spirit, my talents, and my intentions here on earth.

I’m Cheryl Chavarria—affable introvert, insatiable globe-trotter, radical life strategist, convivial woman.

I’m hell-bent on self-love, conscious living, and recognizing the work of art within and this online space is a public record of my quest to curate a more convivial world—a world fit for strong-willed, sublimely complex, convivial women like you.

My path to convivial living was far from a straight-shot.

I was born in Odessa, Texas, and named after Cheryl Lynn—a ‘70s disco diva who reminded fans ‘round the world that they “Got To Be Real.”

My family shifted to Bucktown, an inner-city ‘hood in Chicago, where kids from Puerto Rican, African-American, Mexican, Brazilian and Polish families mixed and mingled with oblivious ease.

Three elementary schools, three high schools, and three colleges later, I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in Finance. A short-lived career in banking turned into an even shorter-lived grad school experience. With half a Master’s degree in Literature and a whole lot of nerve, I ventured south of the border. And it was there, in the town of San Miguel de Allende, that I began to construct my convivial self.

I’ve voyaged from corporate finance to off-grid travel, from magazine publishing to social media, and from j-o-b-s to full-blown entrepreneurship.

I’ve learned to leverage my introspective nature as a source of power, rather than a social limitation. And I’ve learned that ignoring your muse will just make her bellow at you even louder. So you might as well listen up, and take action. You’ll never regret it.

I’d love to share this journey with you and find ways to demolish any self-limiting beliefs that may hold you back from a fully-realized convivial life. Sign up to attend my next event for The Convivial Supper Club, where I create the opportunity for women to uncover and unleash their status as living works of art, or experience my book Convivial: A Quest For The Masterpiece Within and get your convivial living on in the comfort of your own home.